The 2017 Ford Escape: Making Life a Little Nicer One Ride at a Time

Like to be oohed and awed? You will, when you're spotted driving around the Ford Escape. It's nothing short of awesome-from its stylish body to it's lavish interior, it is a real head-turner. And it should be, with it's unique features like its hands-free, foot-operated lift gate to its advanced SYNC 3 technology. It even has an Enhanced Active Park Assist System for those of you who don't absolutely love to park in tight spots. Its Lane-Keeping System even keeps you from unintentionally drifting into your neighbor's lane, and its Auto Start-Stop feature saves you gas. You have enough going on in your life so why not take a load off when you step into your SUV and just enjoy the ride? Driving was invented to be fun and not just mechanical. So enjoy the features that make life a little easier and enjoyable and just focus on your happiness.
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