What Is the Purpose of the Ford Blind Spot Information System and How Does it Work

One of the more dangerous points that threatens any driver is dealing with the proverbial blind spot. The blind spot is that area to the rear and to each side of your vehicle that is usually not seen in your side mirrors. If you are not aware that there is a vehicle there and you start to change lanes or make a turn, you could be in an accident very quickly.

The Ford Blind Spot Information System detects such vehicles with sensors so you can rely on the system and not make that lane change until the coast is clear to do so. You can also remain focused on the traffic ahead while glancing at your mirror from time to time.

The Ford system also has a feature called the Cross Traffic Alert system. This system warns you about oncoming traffic when you are backing out of a driveway or a parking space. It sees what you cannot and causes you to wait until it is clear to continue.
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