5 Effective Tips for Optimal Fuel Economy

Getting the best fuel mileage is something everyone wants in today’s economy. You have better things to do with your hard-earned money!

Here are a few great tips that can help you obtain optimal fuel use, starting today.

1. Use the highway as much as possible, for your daily commute. As you stop and go using local routes, your car uses more fuel.

2. Always keep your car light with loads. A heavy-loaded car causes more fuel use.

3. Change your schedule to a four-day work week. On a yearly average, that is 52 days of fuel saved round-trip, and also reduces wear and tear on your car.

4. Reduce the temperature, for heating the interior of your car, and position your vents to get the best out-put.

5. Keep your speed with the posted limit, or five mph less, for fuel optimization.

You can get optimal fuel mileage if you use these tips to proactively approach how you drive your car!
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