It's not only about aesthetics

Cleaning the exterior, and in some cases the interior, of our vehicles can fall fairly low on our list of priorities. The benefit, however, of a clean vehicle goes well beyond aesthetics. Our cars, simply by virtue of driving them, will accumulate dust, and not only does this dust become unsightly, it can be like applying sandpaper to your car’s finish. Over time, when mixed with rain, dust can begin to wear down the protective clear coat finish, and ultimately etch the paint right off of your car. In addition to transportation, our vehicles represent a significant investment. It is far more expensive to re-paint a car than it is to purchase a can of wax and car soap. Unlike many other forms of car maintenance, this is truly a “do it yourself” endeavor, and there are no special tools required. So why not preserve your car’s finish and retain its maximum resale value, for literally pennies on the dollar.
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