Can a Heavy All-Wheel-Drive SUV Get You Through Winter Without Snow Tires?

Sometimes, a highly-capable vehicle can be your worst enemy in the snow. Many drivers in Shelby believe if their SUV weighs nearly two tons and has all-wheel drive, then they don't need to prepare for winter like someone driving a small car.

If you drive a Focus, chances are you put snow tires on it and keep your speed in check when conditions get slippery. But what if you invested in a Ford Escape with Intelligent 4WD System? Would it be fine with all-season tires, thanks to the added traction from its drivetrain?

No way.

The ability to send power to all four wheels can help the vehicle keep going when some tires lose traction. When none of the tires have traction because the ground is too cold and slippery, the SUV is going nowhere fast.

More importantly, all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive don't help the car brake any faster. Braking distance all depends on your tires, and winters provide far more grip than summers or all-seasons.

Heavy cars can also give drivers a dangerous sense of overconfidence. Their weight can help them gain traction when accelerating, but added weight means more momentum, which means they will be harder to stop or get under control in a slide.

If you need snow tires, get new tires for your Ford at Donley Ford of Shelby.

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