Checking Your Differential Oil: What is It and How To Do It

There are a lot of components to a car engine, and if you do not properly change the oil, you are going to be in trouble. However, a car's differential is actually not in the engine at all. It is located on your wheel axis and helps turns your wheels. As you drive, the differential moves your axis to help go around street corners and take sharp turns.

Without proper lubrication, a car's differential will not work properly. In some cases, rear wheel drive differentials are housed in their own casing and need a thick pool to make sure that it stays lubricated. The oil works to keep the gears moving smoothly so that you are easily able to drive around sharp turns.

When you have issues with your differential, it's likely that you have gone over 30,000 miles and may need to have the differential oil checked. You can work with the service department at Donley Ford of Shelby conveniently located in Shelby, OH to change this oil and get back on the road.
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