Don't pay a tow truck: Use kitty litter, sand, or salt instead

Have you ever got your car stuck on ice or snow? It can be very frustrating, and we here at Donley Ford of Shelby know that the last thing that you want to have happen when trekking out in bad weather is being stuck and having to be late to work while you are waiting for a tow truck to pull you out. You may be able to free your car by using salt, sand, or kitty litter.

?Kitty litter can be bought at most grocery stores and can be spread over the trouble area that you are stuck on to try to increase the amount of traction that your tires have. Sand works in the same manner, but it doesn't absorb water, so you don't have to worry about it clumping up. Salt granules can be used to melt specific trouble spots, but you pay more for salt than you do sand or kitty litter.
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