Making the right choice: All-wheel drive or four-wheel drive?

Have you ever thought that maybe it is time to upgrade to a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle, but you didn't know the benefits that come from each platform? Well, there is a hint in the name for each drivetrain. An All-wheel drive drivetrain is just that: all-wheel drive. All four wheels are powered by the car, and this makes acceleration, takeoff power, and traction while accelerating increased. Many drivers that have driven an all-wheel drive passenger car simply cannot see themselves going back to a front wheel drive model. Likewise, a four-wheel drive vehicle uses a transfer case in conjunction with the vehicle's transmission to distribute power to all four wheels when needed. Four-wheel drives can be driven in two-wheel drive mode, but all-wheel drive vehicles are typically limited to permanent all-wheel drive. Contact our staff at Donley Ford of Shelby and browse our selection.
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