Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering

The all-new Ford Mustang is changing the way drivers who love this performance car can show off the power under the hood. Here is how the active performance exhaust is making waves with other car enthusiasts.

It is one thing to see a car that has a powerful engine under the hood, it is another to hear that car coming down the road. With the new Ford Mustang, you have the option to cruise down the neighborhood quietly or growl down the highway and put fear in other drivers.

The sounds coming out of the exhaust on the new Ford Mustang are never the same. The driver has the ability to create the sounds by way of the switch on the center console. Go from a loud rumble to a quiet growl in seconds. Track setting or aggressive sport settings change the howl of the exhaust.

Listen to the Ford Mustang growl when you visit us at Donley Ford of Shelby and take one for a test drive.



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