The Ford EcoSport Has a Console With Convenient Apps

Modern cars are powered by convenient technologies that influence performance, efficiency, and safety. If you want access to tools that focus on these perks and more, the Ford EcoSport is worth owning because it's equipped with a loaded console that has an eight-inch touchscreen.

By touching various icons on the console, you'll launch different driving appliances. When you need to call someone, you can tap the phone icon. For directions and routines, you can use the map tool, which provides access to local highway information. If you care about efficiency, you'll enjoy using SYNC; it's a convenient application that's made by Ford. You'll learn a lot about the EcoSport each time you use this app.

You can use these standard applications during a test drive. If you want to use the console during a short cruise in Shelby, EcoSport test drive opportunities are offered to all potential buyers at Donley Ford of Shelby.



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