The Spacious Ford Expedition

If you're looking for a vehicle that can hold the entire family, consider the new Ford Expedition. This beloved full-size SUV has a spacious interior that lets everyone get comfortable. Our team at Donley Ford of Shelby is excited to show you around the Expeditions cabin.

In total, the Expedition can hold up to seven passengers. It has three rows of seats. One of the best things about this seating arrangement is that it's completely versatile. Want to create more room for cargo? Just flip the third and second row down. You can easily configure the seats to meet your ever-changing needs.

If you're thinking that the rows must be cramped to accommodate all those seats, you're in for a surprise. The front row features approximately 42 inches of headroom and 64.9 inches of shoulder room. The second row, which has three seats, is only slightly smaller at 40 inches of headroom. Finally, the third row offers 37.3 inches of headroom. As you can see, your passengers can get cozy no matter where they're sitting.



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