Guts, Glory & Good Looks: Ford Edge

Ford Edge looks like class and handles like a race car, two facts that account for its popularity in the SUV category. Edge is more than just handsome and graceful; it's got sheer power and advanced performance features to its credit. Here are two such features our Donley Ford of Shelby team really like.

An Engine You Never Hear

Ford Edge's Active Noise Control detects unpleasant engine frequencies, canceling them with more pleasant sound waves broadcast through an in-cabin speaker. The engine sound is gentler on the ears, making for more enjoyable, less stimulating drives through rush hour traffic in Shelby or during road trips to the nearest national park.

Your Choice of Champion Engines

?Whether you opt for Ford Edge's 2.0L engine or its 2.7L engine, either is a winner. Both engines are EcoBoost engines. Ford's EcoBoost technology marries Twin Independent Variable Camshaft timing with direct injection and turbocharging, making it immensely powerful and efficient on less fuel.

Take your place behind Ford Edge's steering wheel today with a test drive at our dealership.


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